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Entry #1

Done at last!

2007-08-10 01:50:27 by DjCHAOS-EZPOT

Hello NG people! I have submited my first flash animation today and i need some feed back. If you guys and girls could check it out and write a review of what you think that would be great. THANX!

Done at last!


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2007-08-10 13:50:48

nice movie it was funny and better than my firs one..


2007-08-10 13:51:38

shit you rap?

DjCHAOS-EZPOT responds:

Yee i rap and i rave and i drop beats man Multi pay and me aiming for it for like 8 years now is starting to pay off.


2007-10-09 15:07:17

I just had a papercut.